Haiku of the Day

Which is crazier? / Struggling for social justice / Or expecting it?

Quote of the Day

“Mere parsimony is not economy…Expense, and great expense, may be an essential part of true economy.” –Edmund Burke, Letter to a Noble Lord (1796)

Today’s Links

The latest edition of the IMF’s World Economic Report is Out

Larry Summers on the IMF’s Agenda

On the long-run effects of Economic Freedom in OECD countries

Brad Delong being critical of Piketty’s critics (amusing)

Vermont’s Green Mountain Care Health plan attempts to build a single payer system in the state

Noah Smith discusses uncertainty on High Frequency Trading

and, slightly off topic, but too interesting not to post….

A review of Errol Morris’ new film featuring Frm Sec of Defense Donald Rumsfeld from Politico Magazine


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