Emphemera #1

I want to take a quick moment here and write about blogging. I’ve been publishing posts here on the Roosevelt University Economics Department blog for a few weeks, and there are numerous things I’d like to change and add and so on, and I’m rapidly realizing that having a blog is actually quite a lot of work. I’ve noticed that most of the really good bloggers out there have full time jobs apart from their blog writing, which means that most of them must be fiendishly productive in general. Paul Krugman especially strikes me as someone whose productivity (and work ethic) approaches the miraculous. What is especially striking about this to me is the number of factors that go into creating the circumstances of such productivity: the structure of work gives form to one’s everyday life. The pace of the internet is incredibly fast, and in order to keep up one must be committed to continuously reading, considering, commenting, reformulating, and, above all, creating. Moreover, the experience of blogging can be a bit surreal, paradoxical at times: the more one can understand the world through blogging, the more necessarily removed from the world one is.


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